Be A Kampongboy

Spend 2Day or 3Day as a Kampongboy (Village Kid) and explore the culture of Malaysia. Accommodation will be either with host (homestay program) or stay without host (kampungstay program) with all the activities you can choose from. Include a must kampung tour (village tour) with tram to visit the cottage industry and tour stop-over (stingless bee honey farm, face powder making, machete making, asam gelugor and many more). We can also arrange a special dodol making (a black thick gouie sweest taste cuisine) and special BBQ nite with dance, gendang silat (traditional drums) and silat (martial art demo) performance during you stay.

You can choose to try all the traditional games available and feel free to jump into the cool and refreshing water canal (tali air) and take the bicycle around the village.

Dataran Badang, Kampung Labu Kubong, Kuala kangsar, Perak